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Hive640 is a smartest way to make fitness life more exciting and easier than before! Hive640 offers a wide range of Gyms and fitness studios in the UAE with flexible memberships such as daily, 5 days pass, 10 days pass and monthly pass. We also provide review and rating for each gyms/ fitness studio participating with us. Moreover, we provide great discounts for our customers.

App Features

Life is easier than you expect with HIVE 640

Daily Pass

Now its eassy to access your gym for a daily basis, just book a slot in Hive640 and Start workout.

5 Day Pass

Are you a regular workout member them book for a week in advance with Hive 640 App.

10 Day Pass

You reached for a vaccation in the city then get yout 10 day gym workout pass ready in Hive640 App.

Monthly Pass

Are you a regular workout member them book for a month with Hive 640 App.

Great Discounts

Use Hive640 App to get great discounts for your workout sessions.

Review and Rating

Book your workout session in highest rated Fitness Studio, Hive640 offer you a wide range of Fitness Studio in the city.

Life is easier than you expect

Your gym at your fingertip

Simple workout plans

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